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    Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer

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    Introducing the Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer—a versatile and secure solution for all your cargo hauling needs. This enclosed trailer is designed to keep your gear safe, protected from the elements, and ready for your journeys, whether they're long trips or quick outings.

    Secure and Weatherproof Storage:
    Our cargo trailers are engineered to safeguard your valuable gear and equipment, providing a secure and weatherproof storage space. With this trailer, you can embark on longer trips with peace of mind, knowing your belongings are protected from rain, wind, and other elements. Plus, you have the option to leave your gear loaded, eliminating the need to unload every time you don't need it.

    Bullnose Aerodynamic Design:
    This model features a bullnose aerodynamic front, which not only adds extra storage space but also enhances the trailer's aerodynamics on the road. It helps reduce wind resistance, making your towing experience smoother and more fuel-efficient.

    Convenience at Your Fingertips:
    Equipped with four tie-down rings, a ramp door, and a side door, this trailer offers convenience and versatility. Secure your cargo with ease and access it effortlessly from multiple points.

    Safety and Compliance:
    The 2-inch coupler with safety chains ensures a secure connection to your towing vehicle, prioritizing safety during transit. Additionally, the trailer's lighting and design adhere to local and state code regulations, keeping you compliant with road safety standards.

    Manufacturer Information:
    Please note that this trailer's details represent the Carry-On Trailer model with the specific specifications mentioned. Additional paperwork may be required at the time of pickup by the registered owner. It's essential to check your local and state code regulations for any specific requirements and details before pickup. Be prepared to allow additional time at your local store during your pickup experience.

    Spacious and Reliable:
    With a 6-ft width and a 12-ft length, this enclosed trailer offers ample space for your cargo. Its 3,500 lb. axle, 15-inch tires, and robust 2990 lb. weight rating ensure reliable and stable towing.

    Dependable Flooring:
    The plywood floor provides a solid and stable surface for your gear and equipment, ensuring it remains secure and protected during transport.

    Please note that registration, taxes, and fees may vary by state, so be prepared for some paperwork and processing during pickup. The Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Trailer in classic white not only adds a touch of style but also signifies its reliability and functionality. Trust in this trailer to keep your gear safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy your trips with confidence and convenience.

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